Chael Sonnen on Anderson Silva: “Last Time I Defeated the Myth, This Time I’m Gonna Defeat the Man”

Written by Tom Ngo
September 3rd, 2010

UFC Middleweight Chael Sonnen

On this week’s edition of ESPN2’s MMA Live, middleweight top contender Chael Sonnen confirmed Octagon brass’ prior announcement that he’d be granted an instant mulligan against reigning king Anderson Silva. Although, the chatty challenger had no choice but to utilize his own verbiage to spice up the message.

“There’s absolutely going to be a sequel. Part two is tentatively scheduled for New Year’s weekend, it may take place Super Bowl weekend,” Sonnen stated of his immediate schedule. “Either way, it will be in [Las Vegas, Nevada].

“Last time I defeated the myth, this time I’m gonna defeat the man.”

Speaking of their first tango, Sonnen unleashed 23 minutes and 10 seconds of perfection against the planet’s baddest 185-pounder. Unfortunately for the part-time realtor, championship scraps go 25 ticks and a momentary lapse in concentration cost him the opportunity of a lifetime.

“The only thing [that’s going to be] different is that I’m leaving there with the belt. That’s it,” Sonnen matter-of-factly stated. “We were one minute away from pulling it off. Look, if I had beaten him, I would have had to come back and beat him again anyways. So nothing in my career has changed. I was the best fighter before the fight, I’m the best fighter after it.”

“I’m not here to be Number two. It’s Number 1 or move on, and I think that’s the way it’s supposed to be.”

Following their instant classic, it was discovered Silva had badly injured his ribs six days before showtime but opted to keep his appointment regardless. The condition of his bruised ribs will the determining factor on when the rematch will take place. It’s believed the champ may require a layoff until early February in order to get right, which would be pushing pigskin time.

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