Dana White Talks Steroid Regulations, Takes Wait-and-See Approach with Shane Carwin

Written by Tom Ngo
September 7th, 2010

UFC President Dana White

If the sport of mixed martial arts is headed towards a Major League Baseball-esque steroid scandal, then UFC president Dana White is no Bud Selig. The promoter claims that, unlike his MLB counterpart, his sport is overseen by Uncle Sam. So please direct your finger pointing at the guy pointing at you if/when the ish hits the fan.

“Boxing and mixed martial arts are regulated by the government. We’re the only sports that are regulated by the government,” White recently told CSN.com. “Meaning, that when the drug testing is done, the government drug tests them. The government oversees all the medicals and everything else.”

The latest of White’s employees to allegedly use a performance-enhancing drug is Shane Carwin. The former interim heavyweight champ joins the likes of two Octagon Hall of Famers, a few former title holders and a handful of other superstars to have ties with banned substances.

“First of all, he’s never tested positive for anything after being tested by the government,” White said in defense of the classy Carwin. “He popped up on a BALCO-type list. That whole BALCO situation, he popped on a list of all these guys that supposedly were getting [steroids] from these doctors years ago.

“I have to find out what all the facts are first and see what happens, and then we’ll decided what we’re going to do.”

Unfortunately for Carwin, he was given the gag order by his counsel and hasn’t been able to formally address the controversy. However, the charismatic slugger has expressed his undying desire to clear his name.

On the flipside…

“As long as I have been in the sport, I could definitely say 50 percent [of the fighters use illegal substances]. I think in the past I have said 70 percent,” six-year veteran Roy Nelson told 5thRound.com of the rate in which he believes PED’s have engulfed his line of work.

“I’ve seen a lot of things in our sport, from drunken escapades, to things I can’t even repeat, to steroids use. You name it, I’ve probably seen it in our sport.”

As my morally challenged former boss used to love to preach, ‘If you ain’t cheatin’, then you ain’t tryin’. However, the sport formally known as America’s favorite pastime will be forced to delete an entire era of its history because chicks were diggin’ the long ball far too much. Unfortunately, baseball and how their fans perceive its athletes will never be the same.

Just make sure to blame Uncle Sam, or whoever it is that may (or may not) be looking the other way, if/when it happens in MMA.

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