UFC 82 Post-Fight interview quotes

Written by Tim Ngo
March 2nd, 2008

Another title defense, another win for the Anderson “The Spider” Silva. It was a great challenge by Dan Henderson, but he ultimately came up short against Silva. We’ve put together some post-fight quotes for you guys to see what both the champion (Silva) and the challenger (Henderson) had to say right after the fight was over.

Anderson Silva

On the fight itself:
“It was a tough fight, it was a great fight, it was a great guy that I beat. I beat a great champion. It was great to unify the belts and now I want my PRIDE belt. I’m waiting on it, I got my UFC belt, now I want my PRIDE one.”

On what he wants to do next:

“All the boxing guys like to say that all the guys aren’t technical in MMA, it’s not a very noble sport. I’d like to challenge the 185-lbs. boxing champion to a boxing [match] with his rules to show them how technical we really are.”

On his next move in the UFC:

“Everyone has their owns problems and moving up in weight isn’t a problem I want to deal with, but possibly who knows, maybe moving down [to Welterweight].”

Dan Henderson

On the fight:
“First round, got him [Anderson Silva] on the ground and he didn’t do anything but let me hit him the whole time. He held on and kept himself in that position. Second round, just didn’t continue with the game plan, I relaxed when I shouldn’t have and ended up on the bottom. You know, a little bit dazed and he sunk in the choke with a short time left. I’m not real happy with my performance, especially in that second round.”

Looking back on the fight:
“I can’t wait to watch this fight again because I want to see where I made my mistakes. I know that I made quite a few, especially in that second round. Maybe in the first round I should’ve been a little more aggressive and try to finish the fight there when I had him in a bad position. Maybe should’ve popped up and finished the fight right there. There’s thing that I’ll do better next time.”

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