Caught in a web? Is Anderson Silva too good?

Written by Tim Ngo
March 3rd, 2008

After dispatching of the now former PRIDE Welterweight champion Dan Henderson, Anderson Silva has proven himself once again as the king of the Middleweight division. That’s where the problem lies though, is Silva too good for the Middleweight division?

I know what some of you are going to be thinking as you’re reading this, “you’re out of your mind” or “Matt Lindland can beat him”. Well, maybe I am out of my mind but nobody has proven that statement wrong and maybe Matt Lindland could beat him but didn’t we say the same thing about Dan Henderson? No? Then we probably said the same thing about Rich Franklin, both times.

Look the fact of the matter is a fight is a fight and anybody can pull off something magical, just ask Ryo Chonan. Truth is, as much as I wanted Dan Henderson to win, I can live with Anderson Silva beating him. There’s nothing wrong with the better person winning in any sport, and Anderson Silva was just plain better on Saturday night.

The problem now for both the UFC and Anderson Silva is they have nobody to put in front of him. Sure they could give him another crack at Yushin Okami, who he lost to by a DQ. I just don’t think that they can headline a Pay-Per-View with a Anderson Silva vs. Yushin Okami fight at this point. Silva also talked about moving down to Welterweight or even up to Light Heavyweight if Dana White has anything to say about it.

Which brings us back to my original point, is Anderson Silva so good that he has to leave his own division because he has nobody to play with? Roy Jones Jr. was in the same position years ago and he decided to change weight classes which looking back now was the biggest mistake of his career.

Why should the best fighter in the Middleweight division be forced to leave? People should be flocking to him and wanting to fight him to test themselves. All I have to say is that the UFC has their hands full in putting together a list to possible opponents for this guy because he’s approaching Fedor Emelianenko status.

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