Xtreme Couture IFL camp not really Xtreme Couture

Written by Tim Ngo
March 4th, 2008

The Xtreme Couture camp clarified why the camp name was changed to Team Tompkins prior to the IFL’s season opener this past Friday and it wasn’t because of Randy Couture’s legal issues. “Why would the Xtreme Couture name be put on the line and not be represented by Xtreme Couture fighters”, was said on a statement from the Xtreme Couture blog.

The only fighter that represented the Xtreme Couture camp (now Team Tompkins) was former UFC fighter Josh Haynes who was actually filling in for the injured Benji Radach.

At the post-fight press conference Haynes told the media, “I was the only fighter that actually represented our Xtreme Couture team tonight. The other guys that fought for us are apart of our team but they don’t train at our camp on a daily basis.”

“I can honestly say that the guys coming out of our gym would own the IFL”, Haynes went onto say.

Xtreme Couture head trainer Shawn Tompkins had this to say, “this was a tough event for us because two of the guys on the team don’t actually train with us. I actually think I have the dream team in the IFL. I have Chris Horodecki, Benji Radach and Jay Hieron.”

Below is the full statement regarding the change from Xtreme Couture to Team Tompkins from the Xtreme Couture blog:

However, the background story is a little more interesting.  Simply put, the IFL was attempting to use the ”Xtreme Couture” name without properly representing the gym by using its own fighters.

On January 8 we submitted a list of seven (7) fighters to the IFL that would be available to fight in the IFL event from the Xtreme Couture gym.  The fighters were: Dennis Davis 145lbs (16-8), Jay White Heavyweight  (2-5), Phil Friedman Heavyweight (1-0), Eric Uresk  155lbs (2-3), Josh Haynes 185lbs (8-8), Johnny Hendricks 170lbs (3-0), and Karina Taylor 135lbs (0-1).

The IFL informed us that Dennis Davis would be booked to fight a prelim bout against Ian Loveland and that none of our other fighters would be utilized.  According to the IFL none of our fighters were a proper matchup for Mario Sperry’s team of Brazilian fighters.  The IFL intended to field a team of Benji Radach (who due to injury was replaced by Josh Haynes), Santino DeFranco and Lew Polley.  Radach had been a member of Shawn Tompkins’ Anacondas team, while DeFranco and Polley are from American Top Team.

Lew Polley and Santino DeFranco are tremendous athletes and excellent fighters.  However,  they are members of American Top Team not Xtreme Couture.  American Top Team is a great squad and by all means seem to be deserving of having their own team in the IFL.  We have 35 athletes that train in our Las Vegas gym and proudly wear the Xtreme Couture patch on their shorts during fights.  Yet the IFL decided to field a team called “Xtreme Couture” without putting any Xtreme Couture athletes on the team.  The Patriots didn’t show up in the Super Bowl with a bunch of players from the Packers.  Why would the Xtreme Couture name be put on the line and not be represented by Xtreme Couture fighters.

It is because of this that the team name was changed to ”Team Tompkins”.

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