Team Anderson Silva “Feel Really Bad” for Chael Sonnen After Failed Drug Test

Written by Tom Ngo
September 20th, 2010

Anderson Silva Lyoto Machida Manager Ed Soares

Leading up to their UFC 117 showdown, Anderson Silva and his amigos were the subject of Chael Sonnen’s critically acclaimed comedy roast. Now that the witty wordsman has flunked his drug test, you would think the Brazilians would be anxious to fire off a ‘ROFLMAO’ text to their nemesis. Not so, says Silva’s manager Ed Soares.

“If this is true, I feel really bad for him,” Soares told MMAFighting.com on Sunday.

Although Soares has been the punchline of countless jokes authored by Sonnen, the controversial manger had no interest in kicking a man while he’s down. What he was focused on was his client’s immediate future given the recent turn of events.

Silva and Sonnen were expected to rematch after the middleweight champ healed from a pre-UFC 117 rib injury. Either New Year’s Eve or Super Bowl weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada had been the rumored landing spots, and until he’s told otherwise, they’ll continue to plan and prepare as such.

“I’m going to consider the fight being a fight until told otherwise,” Soares said. “If it is a mishap, I hope this whole thing gets straightened out.”

It’s highly unlikely Sonnen would be able to make the early 2011 appointment, as he’s facing up to a 12-month suspension if found guilty. He’ll be afforded the opportunity to appeal the ban, but the California State Athletic Commission has never been known for their flexibility or compassion.

Word on the street is, Sonnen’s defense will be that he took some over-the-counter medicine to help him recover from a “stomach bug” that floored him on fight week. I’m not sure how valid the NyQuil excuse is for triggering a positive test result, so we’ll just let the lab geeks have their moment in the sun.

The CSAC is expected to formally address the controversy in the coming days. Stay tuned…

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