With So Many Questions to Be Answered, Chael Sonnen Remains Silent on Failed Drug Test

Written by Tom Ngo
September 21st, 2010

UFC Middleweight Chael Sonnen

Four full days have passed since Chael Sonnen was alerted by the California State Athletic Commission he failed his UFC 117 drug screening. While the challenger provided nonstop chatter leading up to last month’s loss to Anderson Silva, the sport’s most articulate smack talker has remained eerily mute in his own defense.

Despite not addressing the matter publicly, the 33-year-old’s silence is speaking volumes in the court of public opinion. Like every other professional athlete in America, Sonnen has been pronounced guilty before proven innocent and is currently being burnt at the stake.

The other man that’s at the center of this controversy is CSAC executive director George Dodd. He has been the only source of information regarding Sonnen’s failed drug test, and unfortunately, not all the info that he’s released has been consistent.

When word first broke on Sunday regarding the unfavorable results, Dodd confirmed with Sherdog.com that Sonnen had failed his POST-UFC 117 exam. However, one day later it was revealed the Team Quest fighter had flunked his PRE-fight screening.

He then told Lance Pugmire of the LA Times Sunday night that Sonnen had tested positive for a “natural steroid,” only to inform SI.com’s Josh Gross the following day that the steroid in Sonnen’s system was “not a natural substance.”

When the test was administered isn’t a significant mix-up. However, there is a distinct difference between a natural and unnatural steroid, specifically since many over-the-counter drugs can ignite a positive read. Sonnen was floored by a “stomach bug” early that fight week, so his fan boys were screaming all the livelong day that’s what caused him to fail the most important exam of his life.

However, it was revealed after yesterday’s CSAC meeting that Sonnen admitted to Dodd to using a performance-enhancing drug prior to his August 7th scrap and that’s what caused him to have “abnormally high levels of testosterone.”

From a compassion for a fellow human being standpoint, it’s understandable why Sonnen has chosen to seclude himself. After talking a perfect game, he followed it up with a nearly-flawless performance against “The Spider.” Unfortunately, things didn’t end well for him that night and this situation has certainly spiraled out of control.

If he had the bravado the trash the planet’s baddest middleweight directly to his face, there is no reason why he can’t rock a mic once again to explain himself. Sonnen claimed to be “The Man” throughout his critically acclaimed comedy tour, but a real man owns his mistakes and doesn’t head for the Oregon hills when turbulence arrives.

Will the real Chael Sonnen please stand up? If not, we’ll see you September 2, 2011.

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