Matt Mitrione’s Manager Responds to UFC 119 Firing

Written by Tom Ngo
September 26th, 2010

UFC Heavyweight Matt Mitrione TUF

For those at home wondering who Matt Mitrione fired moments after collecting the biggest win of his career Saturday at UFC 119, it was none other than his manager Malki Kawa. The controversial, yet oddly captivating, heavyweight told MMAFighting his representative only scored him $5k in sponsorship dollars for his televised fight on Spike TV.

Kawa also reps UFC welterweight Thiago Alves and MMA crown jewel Jon “Bones” Jones. He has helped those superstars land lucrative endorsement deals, but apparently wasn’t able to do the same for the former “The Ultimate Fighter” contestant.

Furthermore, “Meathead” claims Kawa told him his wife was “asking about things that weren’t her business” when she inquired about which sponsors were going to be on her husband’s fight shorts.

While Mitrione has been afforded multiple opportunities to air his dirty laundry, his former manager will wait until tomorrow to formally address the controversy on MMAHour with Ariel Helwani. However, he did acknowledge the unfortunate situation on his Twitter feed.

“So @mattmitrione just fired me…lol I love it… Congrats to team meathead,” Kawa tweeted shortly after getting canned. “Guys, I’m not going to comment until I speak to him. I’ve called into him and I’m waiting for him to respond. Once I understand the problem, I’ll talk about it.”

Moments later, he responded to a post by stating, “it’s ok I have no hard feelings.”

Jones, on the other hand, was quick to come to his manager’s defense.

“Lol!!! Mitrione is crazy! @malkikawa is the best manager is the business,” Kawa’s meal ticket tweeted.

All the soap opera drama aside, Mitrione put on the best performance of his life last night and was rewarded with a perfect 3-0 record. As for who he would prefer to be the fourth notch on his impeccable belt, he’ll leave that up to Octagon brass. Speaking of belts…

“When it comes to anything athletic, I think I’m always going to be [with] the cream of the crop,” Mitrione said at the post-fight press conference. “I don’t know really if I’m surprised at that, but I’m happy as all hell they’re giving me the opportunity. Whoever they decide that’s a good matchup for me, I’ll go in there, start getting after it and work on whatever I gotta work on and hopefully I’ll be 4-0 and 5-0 and get that piece of gold sooner or later.”

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