Jose Aldo Has “No Problem at All” Fighting in Frankie Edgar’s UFC Lightweight Division

Written by Tom Ngo
October 3rd, 2010

WEC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo

When you own a dominant 18-1 professional record, have steamrolled everything in your WEC path and done THIS to the former king, it’s only natural for questions regarding division hopping to arise. With the distance between champion Jose Aldo and the featherweight field growing as quickly as his aura of invincibility, it might be time to hit up the WEC’s big brother.

While that may be the general public consensus, Aldo says he’ll be told when it’s time to make the jump up to the lightweight division. Although, it doesn’t mean he’s not prepared to right now.

“I would, for sure. I have what it takes to fight in the UFC, but that doesn’t depend on me. I’d have to talk to the people who work with me, like Dedé (Pederneiras), my coach, and Joinha (Jorge Guimarães), my manager. What they decide on is always what’s best,” Aldo told GracieMag.com. “But I believe I have all it takes to fight in the upper division. There’d be no problem at all.”

While the blazin’ Brazilian claims packing on an additional 10 pounds would be no problemo, he admitted at the WEC 51 post-fight pres conference that he was far from waxing his division clean. So don’t expect Aldo to be swapping a blue Octagon for a black one anytime soon.

“The same way that Manny earned his title shot, there’s a lot of guys that are going to come up and earn their title shots,” Aldo said after slapping Gambuyan senseless on Thursday.

Clearly, the option is there and makes complete sense to explore. Especially if the UFC swallows up its little bro to formulate one mega promotion, as been heavily rumored. Time is on the 24-year-old’s side, so it’s understandable if his reps opt to slow play his career. Either way, fans can look forward to many more years of destruction from Junior.

“I’m here for the WEC,” Aldo said. “Whoever they put in front of me, I’ll be ready.”

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