Jon Jones: “I’d Have an Advantage Going Into a Fight with Anderson Silva”

Written by Tom Ngo
October 7th, 2010

UFC Light Heavyweight Jon Jones

UFC middleweight king Anderson Silva has captivated fans worldwide with his devastating skills inside the Octagon and charismatic ways outside of it. Little did we all know, his biggest fanboy is the man most have dubbed the sport’s future G.O.A.T.

“I’ve bathed myself in Anderson Silva,” Jon Jones told Yahoo! Sports of his hero. “I think I’d have an advantage going into a fight with him because I’ve studied him so much. I’ve patterned my career after Anderson. You can’t really say you know Anderson Silva, because, like me, he can pull off pretty much anything he wants to pull off, whatever he trained for that specific fight.

“So, you can’t know Anderson Silva, but you can understand who he is and how he thinks and how he operates.”

Because the manchild has utterly destroyed everything in his path, less a controversial disqualification loss to Matt Hamill courtesy of an illegal north-south elbow to the dome, it’s difficult to remember he’s only 23-years-young and still very much a kid at heart.

He admires Anderson the same way I used to idolize Magic Johnson as a kid.

“Bones” even admitted to Yahoo! that he’s sat in front of his computer for up to five hours at a time watching “The Spider’s” extensive highlight-reel collection, similarly to how I used to hibernate in my room and rewind the death out of Always Showtime.

That’s about where the similarities end between Jones and I, as I’ve never received this kind of welcoming after getting off an airplane;

“Just got caught up by TMZ at the burbank airport, That was a definite first.. Not gonna lie I felt pretty cool,” Jones tweeted last week.

What the budding superstar doesn’t appreciate are the people that have mistaken his undying dedication for douchebagness. While some believe there’s a fine line between confident and cocky, Jones is able to tippy-toe that tightrope because nobody has hit the books harder than him.

“I’m confident because I study, study, study and, yes, I have some physical attributes that maybe give me an advantage. The long arms are something I was born with. But the way I pull off moves, the timing of the way I do my moves, it’s all because of my passion and love for this sport. I’m confident because I work hard. I’m a warrior,” Jones stated.

“But cockiness is not where I’m at. Financially, I’m not the most successful fighter. As far as stats, I haven’t broken any records. As far as Hall of Fame, I’m not there. As far as being a champion, I’m not there. I have no reason to be cocky. I just love who I am, I love what I’ve earned and I love this sport.”

Although the scrap has yet to be officially announced, Mr. The Future is Now will look to hand Ryan Bader his first professional blemish at UFC 127.

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