Carlos Condit Discusses Greg Jackson’s “Conservative” Game Plans

Written by Tom Ngo
October 15th, 2010

UFC Welterweight Carlos Condit

Dan Hardy is one of MMA’s more talented trash-talkers and has executed his craft to near perfection leading up to Saturday’s UFC 120 showdown with Carlos Condit. While the chatty Brit has attempted to goad Condit into engaging in a stand-up battle by slighting his coach’s “conservative” game plans, the former WEC welterweight champ claims Greg Jackson has gotten a bad wrap for his effective schemes.

“Just because that’s the perception doesn’t mean that’s the reality,” Condit told 5thRound.com of Jackson’s masterful strategies. “Greg has always coached guys that, for the most part, go out and finish fights. For example, Diego Sanchez in his early career was the human chainsaw. He would just go in there and have more aggression than you would believe, and that’s basically Greg Jackson’s prodigy.

“I think that that’s a misconception.”

Like Sanchez, Condit too recently returned to the famed Albuquerque, New Mexico gym to perfect his skills. Unfortunately, Hardy claims Jackson has his work cut out for him because he’s got Condit beat in all phases of the fight game.

“I think he’s dreaming. I think that he’s telling himself that to pump himself up, but I think he’s in for a rude awakening when we step in the cage,” Condit matter-of-factly stated.

When asked where his skills evolved the most since rejoining forces with MMA’s resident guru, Condit admitted it wasn’t a coincidence welterweight king Georges St-Pierre had morphed into the sport’s best ground fighter since coming under Jackson’s tutelage.

“My technical ground game I think has definitely benefited. I think my ground and pound has definitely become more dangerous and a much more effective tool,” Condit shared. “But probably my overall game plan [has benefited the most], being more strategic in my fights.”

Whoopsies, did you just let the cat out of the proverbial bag?

“Well, I think that I’m gonna need all aspects of my game for this fight,” Condit said. “Dan Hardy’s a very, very tough opponent – obviously. I definitely plan on incorporating that, but I’m gonna bring my stand-up to the table too. I’m gonna bring my wrestling, my submissions.

“I’m gonna need it all.”

Nice recovery. At the same time, it doesn’t take Doogie Howser to realize the best way to beat a slugger is to have him staring up at the ceiling all night. Especially since that’s exactly what GSP did to “The Outlaw” the last time he took the stage at UFC 111, which coincidentally was masterminded by Greg … Mr. Jackson, if you’re nasty.

“It is, Condit said of the obvious strategical choice. “But I also want to make it an exciting fight. I’m about entertaining the fans as much as I’m about winning the fight.

“Expect fireworks.”

The light show beings at 8PM ET/PT this Saturday on Spike TV.

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