Brock Lesnar Still Hungry Despite New Diet

Written by Tom Ngo
October 20th, 2010

UFC heavyweight Brock Lesnar

After rallying to submit former interim champ Shane Carwin at UFC 116 to unify the heavyweight title, most believed Brock Lesnar’s stranglehold on the division had never been more convincing. Being dubbed ‘The Next Big Thing’ is old hat for the former WWE superstar, so Lesnar refused to buy into the hype as he secluded himself inside his Death Clutch Gym and eventually emerged a brand new man.

“I thought I had a good diet, and when I got diverticulitis I really had to do a lot more research and look into what I was putting into my body. In [how is was] fueling my body,” Lesnar told ESPN’s SportsCenter. “Now that I’m 33-years-old, you definitely don’t recover as fast as you used to and you have to be smarter in the training room.

“What you put in your body definitely helps the recovery time.”

Lesnar “miraculously” healed from his intestinal illness in January and hasn’t looked back. After collecting his fourth straight win en route to handing Carwin his only pro blemish, the planet’s baddest heavyweight refused to rest on his your laurels.

He aggressively attacked his training and revamped diet in hopes of resurfacing a more agile fighter. Lesnar was rewarded with improved quickness and a physique so chiseled it left UFC president Dana White in awe.

“I am a lot leaner than I have [been]. Normally I walked around at about 280-285 [pounds] and now I’m walking around about 268-270,” he proudly stated. “Obviously it’s from the diet and a long, extensive, brutal training camp. I should have no problem coming in naturally at 265 for fight night. Maybe around the 270 area.

“Looking lean and mean and ready to come down and whoop some butt.”

UFC 121 will be jumping off this Saturday inside the Honda Center in Anaheim, California.

Please click the media player below to watch Lesnar’s interview with ESPN:

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