Wanderlei Silva enlists Ronaldo Jacaré to help with Jiu-Jitsu for showdown with Keith Jardine

Written by Tim Ngo
March 20th, 2008

Coming off of a disappointing loss at UFC 79 to Chuck Liddell this past December, Wanderlei Silva knew he had to change some things and he’s looking to continue to evolve his fight game by adding highly-touted Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner Ronaldo Jacaré to his team. According to Tatame, Silva was already working with another world-class BJJ expert in Andre Galvão prior to his fight with Chuck Liddell.

On top of working on his ground game, Silva has also been working with the likes of Gilbert Melendez, Phil Baroni and Gibert Yvel on his muay-thai. Silva has also been staying on top of his conditioning with his trainer Rafael Alejarra according to Tatame.

It was Silva’s conditioning that allowed him to survive some pretty stiff blows that he took at the hands of Liddell. If Silva can get past Keith Jardine at UFC 84 this May, he’ll definitely be back on track towards a UFC Light Heavyweight title shot as Jardine is the guy who derailed Chuck Liddell at UFC 76.

On a side note, Alejarra was also contacted by BJ Penn to see if he would be willing to help Penn enhance his conditioning heading into his showdown with former Lightweight champion Sean Sherk. Alejarra obviously turned down the offer because it would’ve been nearly impossible for him to fly back and forth to help both Silva and Penn for the same night.

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