MC Hammer Drops the Hammer on Jay-Z in Diss Rap Video

Written by Tom Ngo
November 2nd, 2010

MC Hammer Alchemist Management Clothing U Cant Touch This

Everyone is talking about MC Hammer’s diss video, but the question is, have you heard Better Run Run? The hip-hop icon unleashed a verbal tirade on Jay-Z after Jigga touched on Mr. U Can’t Touch This’ past financial woes in a recent song. 

“Hammer went broke so you know I’m more focused,” Jay-Z rapped on Kanye West’s So Appalled track. “I lost $30 million so I spent another 30, ’cause unlike Hammer $30 million can’t hurt me.”

Oh naw he didn’t…

Hammer came back spitting hot fire, a la Dylan, and blasted the rap mogul for not only speaking out of turn, but jackin’ his style as well.

“That boy tried to steal my swag.

His fingerprints all over the bag.

Imposter, get him out of here.

Imposter, the king is right here.”

Hammer stormed onto the MMA scene this past July with the launch of Alchemist Management, a promotion, marketing, management firm for mixed martial artists. Judging by the lyrics in Better Run Run, it appears as though his clients have started to rub off on him.

“If I knock on your door, boy, I’ll bust you in your mouth…

New rules, lemme show you the way.

If a rapper talk tough, he gotta back up what he say.”

Alchemist fighters Nate Marquardt, Brendan Schaub, Eliot Marshall and trainer Trevor Wittman all made cameos in the rap video.

Please click the media player below to watch Hammer’s latest record:

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