Bobby Lashley jumping into MMA to face Kimbo Slice?

Written by Tim Ngo
March 20th, 2008

Former WWE champion Bobby Lashley is the latest pro wrestler being mentioned to join the MMA ranks. Kurt Angle was interviewed the other day where he was quoted as saying, “whatever he [Lashley] does, it’s going to make big press.” The biggest press that can be made right now is with the EliteXC and their CBS debut.

Do understand that Angle is not a source of information when it comes to MMA news, but he of all people would be connected to Lashley and most likely speak to him on a semi-regular basis.

Angle was suppose to jump into MMA himself with the IFL, but he admitted that he wasn’t ready to do it at the time and he may be having an MMA-style match with Randy Couture sometime during the summer.

“Let’s just that I’m really excited about the direction that Bobby Lashley is going”, Angle went on to say. The only direction that Lashley could viably go is into MMA, because the early word was that he was going to join TNA Wrestling but those rumors seem to have died down at this point.

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