Don King willing to promote Roy Jones Jr. versus Anderson Silva

Written by Tim Ngo
March 25th, 2008

In a story that has gained a lot of steam over the past couple of weeks courtesy of MMAWeekly, Roy Jones Jr. and Anderson Silva now has boxing promoter Don King jumping into the fray according to Tatame. Anderson Silva was quoted as saying, “Don King [has] contacted the UFC to do the promotion of this fight”.

Everybody including Anderson Silva is in agreement of having the bout under boxing rules, and allowing the fight to be at the weight class of Roy Jones Jr.’s choice. Don King is one of the biggest boxing promoters of all-time, so if anyone can get this fight put together it would be him.

If you didn’t know, Jones has a history of talking a big game only to let money be the deciding factor of him backing out of a fight. He’s done it with Bernard Hopkins in the past, but I don’t think we’ll have to worry about that with this fight as it could be the biggest payday that Jones can get at this point of his career.

The only thing standing in the way obviously would be Dana White’s reluctance to want to co-promote or work with other companies after PRIDE’s debacle.

White has always admitted that he’s a big fan of boxing, and was actually in attendance for the Kelly Pavlik/Jermaine Taylor II fight last month. I for one am extremely curious as to whether Dana White would help out boxing, or would he rather let it die so that his UFC can continue to grow past boxing.

Tatame link: http://www.tatame.com/2008/03/22/Anderson-confirms-possibility-of-fight-with-Roy-Jones-Jr

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