The Curious Case of Gerald Harris

Written by Tom Ngo
November 24th, 2010

UFC Middleweight Gerald Hurricane Harris

Apparently, UFC president Dana White has already clocked out for the extended Thanksgiving weekend. Because if MMA’s Tony Soprano were checking his Twitter messages, he’d quickly discover that his tweeps are demanding Gerald Harris get his job back.

One of the harsh realities of being a professional athlete is the what-have-you-done-for-me-lately factor. Following Harris’ WTF firing on Tuesday, “Hurricane” supporters blasted White on the popular social network for his abrupt decision.

“I usually don’t gauge things by the Internet; the Internet is [expletive] stupid. My Twitter, I do,” White previously stated after pay-per-view purchasers voiced their displeasure in having to possibly witness Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir III. “On my Twitter, there are 1.2 million people that care about this thing and everything else, and you don’t get the goofy [expletive] that you get on the Internet.”

Clearly, Dana hasn’t seen that the “#BringBackGeraldHarris” march is in full swing on the blue-birded network.

Prior to Saturday’s disappointing unanimous decision loss Maiquel Falcao at UFC 123, Harris had rattled off 10 consecutive wins. He dons a formidable 17-3 record overall and has ended 15 of his wins in devastating fashion.

Harris exits the Octagon with a 3-1 mark, with two of his victories resulting in “Knockout of the Night” honors. His UFC 116 slam of Dave Branch earned him the #7 spot on SportsCenter’s Top 10.

White’s last notable firing was of the up-and-coming Todd Duffee. The 24-year-old was given his pink slip after gassing against Mike Russow at UFC 114. He was fired shortly after PLUMMETING his record to 6-1.

Fanboys quickly backed Duffee, however White explained the canning had more to do with the heavyweight’s poor attitude than his fighting prowess.

What was Harris’ response after receiving the worst news of his career, which unexpectedly came just four days after his 31st birthday?

“Yes it’s true I have been released from the UFC. Thanks for the support, it was great, & I’ll keep my head up … the #BringBackGeraldHarris was a surprise. Didn’t expect that,” he tweeted. “If u are a fan, please be respectful in your choice of words towards @danawhite & @ufc – voice your opinion in a positive manner.”

Harris certainly comes off as a humble and respectful employee. So if you parlay that with his explosive game, what’s the problem?

There is clearly more to this story than meets the nose, because it definitely doesn’t pass the smell test.

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