Nick Diaz off the Strikeforce/EliteXC card this Saturday

Written by Tim Ngo
March 27th, 2008

MMAWeekly is reporting that sources close to Nick Diaz have told them that he is pulling out of his scheduled fight with Jae Suk Lim, which was supposed to be on the Strikeforce/EliteXC card on March 29th. There is much controversy surrounding Diaz’ latest setback, where the California State Athletic Commission states that he didn’t turn in his medical information in time for the fight, while EliteEX believes that it is due to his prescription for medical marijuana.

California State Athletic Commission executive officer Armando Garcia stated that, “He did not turn in his medical information in time for the fight. They were just turned in today.”

This is where the drama begins. EliteXC President Gary Shaw stated that “He (Garcia) never mentioned anything about late medicals,” said a frustrated Shaw. “And if there were late medicals it wasn’t because of Nick Diaz and it wasn’t because of EliteXC.”

Shaw’s interpretation of what Garcia told him was that Diaz’ removal from the card was due to Diaz’ prescription for medical marijuana.

On March 10th, Diaz submitted and completed all paperwork in Los Angeles, CA to renew his license to fight in the state. He underwent a variety of tests, as well as noting his use of medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana was legalized in the state of California in 1996, and Diaz’ Manager Cesar Gracie stated that Diaz uses the drug to help him sleep to regain his energy.

“Nick is a naturalist by heart,” Gracie told Sherdog.com. “He thinks Ritalin is an amphetamine. He thinks that’s really bad for you. People with ADD are kind of hyper, so he has trouble sleeping. He got the medical marijuana card and he takes his pot to go to sleep and be more focused. It’s completely legal in California. Voters voted it in. The commission is actually supposed to obey that, so this will probably open up a legal case. If it was something small, OK, f—- it, whatever. But if they’re not even going to allow him to test clean, that doesn’t make sense. That’s overstepping their boundaries.”

Garcia states that he just received Diaz’ paperwork, learning for the first time of Diaz’ prescription for medical marijuana. Garcia feels that there is not enough time to investigate the validity of Diaz’ condition to require the drug, thus leaving him no choice but to pull the fighter from the card just days before the event.

Diaz was looking to rebound after his most recent loss to KJ Noons where he saw an opportunity to win the EliteXC 160-lbs. title literally blow up in smoke (no pun intended). After the fight, Diaz actually had surgery on his face to correct issues with scar tissue that has caused him to cut in many of his fights.

It’s unfortunate that Diaz won’t be able to fight on this card as things are starting to look thinner after the Cung Le/Frank Shamrock bout with Diaz’ training partner Jake Shields pulling out of this even Tuesday due to an injury. Diaz’ opponent, Jai Sik Lim, will now face Shields’ opponent Drew Fickett.

If Fickett goes on to win against Lim, it’s rumored that he will then go on to face Shields on June 14th for the EliteXC Welterweight title that he was suppose to be fighting for on Saturday.

But the real fight seems to be between EliteXC and the CSAC, and this bout may continue on well after Saturday.

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