Paul Daley: Scott Coker Won’t Make K.J. Noons Fight Happen

Written by Tom Ngo
December 5th, 2010

UFC Strikeforce Paul Daley

Prior to last night’s victory over Scott Smith at “Strikeforce: Henderson vs. Babalu II,” what Paul Daley was best known for stateside was his post-UFC 113 sucker punch on Josh Koscheck. One devastating knockout later and it appears all has been forgotten for the controversial slugger.

“I was expecting a tough fight, but I was [also] expecting a quick fight, which it was. I always thought I had it in me to knock Scott Smith out,” Daley stated at the post-fight press conference. “I could see it in his eyes that he wasn’t as confident as I was.”

As expected, the welterweights come out with guns blazing. Daley dropped Smith in the opening ticks and it only got worse from there. Although the vet was able to recover and briefly formulate an offensive attack, Smith was rudely greeted with a lights out left hook.

“I thought [my left hook] would play a part in the fight. My corner was calling for the left hook-right straight, which I threw as the first combination and had him rocked,” said Daley. “But I’ve seen in his previous fights that there was an opportunity to come over his right hand with a left hook when he threw it.”

With a blink an eye, “Hands of Steel” dropped like a ton of bricks – Ivan Drago on Apollo Creed-style. Following the biggest win of his career, Strikeforce’s all-star free agent acquisition claimed he wanted to rearrange a certain pretty boy’s face next.

“I think he’s one of the bigger names here. I think Strikeforce has put a lot of money behind him. He just fought for the title, and it took Nick Diaz five rounds to get rid of him. I think I’ll knock K.J. out within five minutes,” Daley professed. “I don’t think K.J. is on my level. He calls himself a striker. When he steps into the cage with me, he’ll soon see that he’s not a striker at all.”

When Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker was asked if he’d be interested in seeking the sluggers go at it, Daley took the liberty of answering for him.

“No, [Scott] won’t make that fight because he likes K.J. Noons,” the Brit said as laughter erupted inside the media room.

Coker said they will mull the scrap over.

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