Josh Koscheck Makes Bold Prediction Regarding Georges St-Pierre on ESPN

Written by Tom Ngo
December 8th, 2010

UFC Welterweight Josh Koscheck

UFC welterweight king Georges St-Pierre hasn’t lost a fight, much less a round, in over three years. The good news for top contender Josh Koscheck is that he was the last to steal five minutes from the division’s G.O.A.T.

Although St-Pierre signifies MMA’s most lethal ground attack, the challenger believes that recipe for success has grown stale.

“Georges St-Pierre comes in with a game plan. I come in to hurt you. I come in to knock you out. I come to finish the fights and I think that’s going to be the difference on Saturday night,” Koscheck told ESPN on Wednesday.

St-Pierre took a hotly contested unanimous decision win over Koscheck at UFC 74 in August 2007. While the champion has rattled off six consecutive lopsided victories since their initial encounter, he’s admittedly long overdue to unleash a dramatic highlight reel ending.

“His camp is saying he’s gonna knock me out with a left hook. I don’t think that’s gonna be the case,” Kos matter-of-factly stated. “If Georges stands in front of me long enough to land a left hook, that means Georges St-Pierre might be waking up and there’s gonna be 23,000 Montreal Canadians hushed up in the arena.”

It sounds great in theory, but should prove to be much more difficult to execute once he enters hostile territory. Although Koscheck wouldn’t dub his daunting task as Mission: Impossible, he did liken his scenario to Rocky Balboa invading Russia to challenge Ivan Drago way by in 1985.

“The last time we were here in Montreal, I think we got spit on, we got beer thrown on us, popcorn thrown on us,” he said of his admirers up north. “I’m gonna be prepared for all that and more. It’s Georges’ hometown, it’s almost like Rocky going into Russia. It’s cold here, it’s snowing here.

“I believe I am going to win this fight. I’m going to knock him out in either round two or three.”

Koscheck already has his post-fight celebratory speech prepared just in case he shocks the world at UFC 124.

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