UFC Fans Attack NSAC Following Nam Phan Controversy

Written by Tom Ngo
December 9th, 2010

Nevada State Athletic Commission Executive Director Keith Kizer

It’s been five days since the biggest heist this side of Lee Murray went down at “The Ultimate Fighter 12 Finale,” yet Nam Phan fans still can’t get his controversial spit decision loss to Leonard Garcia out of their heads.

Thankfully, irate enthusiasts did something about it by bombarding the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s Inbox with their displeasure. Unfortunately, they weren’t the most intelligent or articulate of supporters.

“I’ve gotten more e-mails on this decision than any other decision we’ve ever had. Probably about 700 total,” Kizer told Sherdog. “Unfortunately, probably 90 percent of those e-mails were just very rude and unprofessional, and that’s too bad. I wish more people could argue or discuss things in a more rational, legitimate, ethical way, which you would think would perhaps be more effective as well.

“But nonetheless, that’s OK. I don’t mind getting those as well.”

Despite the abundance of four-lettered words in the majority of the messages, Kizer claims he still took the time to read them all. The general consensus appears that Nam should have left Las Vegas with a 29-28 unanimous decision – at the very least.

“It seems like a lot of people don’t have a problem with the 1stRound going to Garcia. I thought it should have gone to Phan, but I could see it going to Garcia and I don’t have a criticism on that round,” Kizer said.

“All three judges gave the 2ndRound to Phan, so obviously no criticism there. But the 3rdRound, after the fight I had the judges explain themselves. They gave their explanation as to why they gave that third round to Garcia. I want to watch and see, and if I still don’t get it, then I’m going to bring the judges in and say, ‘Look, let’s just go through this.’”

According to Kizer, it’s protocol to review dubious decision with judges after the fight. He added that no official is promised future assignments and it is not difficult to remove “incompetent morons” from their posts.

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