Georges St-Pierre vs. Anderson Silva Superfight Chatter Getting Louder

Written by Tim Ngo
December 14th, 2010

UFC President Dana White

UFC president Dana White admitted that when he first contemplated arranging a bout between Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre, he didn’t give it serious consideration because he figured Silva would make a permanent jump to 205-pounds by the time GSP was prepared to relocate.

Now that Silva’s made it clear he wants to remain in the middleweight division, the fantasy of this superfight is becoming more of a reality.

“I honestly believed that Anderson Silva would move up to 205 pounds. He can carry that weight. He’s had great fights at that weight,” White explained following St-Pierre’s UFC 124 victory. “But he’s made it pretty clear that he doesn’t want to do it. Why would I tell a guy to move to 205 when he’s dominant and hasn’t lost since 2006, and never lost in the UFC?”

As Silva and St-Pierre continue to stockpile wins at unprecedented clips, White is becoming more willing to discuss the scrap the media and fans alike have been clamoring for.

“Georges St. Pierre, listen, say what you want, the guy looks great. He continues to win. He completely dominated [Koscheck on Saturday]. He looked good in the stand-up. Interesting fight. It’s an interesting fight,” stated White.

Both “The Spider” and GSP are No. 1 and No. 2 in most, if not all, pound-for-pound rankings, but White casts his vote for Silva as the world’s top dog.

“Anderson Silva, not only has he wiped out the 185 division, he also beat a couple of guys at 205,” the promoter stated.

“That’s why this whole debate over pound-for-pound – I love Georges St-Pierre. Georges St-Pierre is awesome. Huge superstar and everything else. [But] he lost to Matt Serra not too long ago by knockout.”

During Saturday’s post-fight press conference, St-Pierre said if he does decide to add 15-pounds to his chiseled frame, it would be for good. If the French-Canadian’s serious about making a permanent move, White would be prepared to arrange a title bout right off the bat.

“I don’t know. I’d really have to sit down – if Georges said he was going to go to ’85 and stay there, then it would be for the title. It would be a superfight for the 185-pound title,” White said in closing.

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