UFC Fight Night 13 LIVE! results

Written by 5thRound.com Staff
April 2nd, 2008

Not able to get home in time to watch tonight’s UFC Fight Night? Don’t worry because 5thRound.com has full results from tonight’s event. Make sure you read the entire article to see the results!

Josh Neer def. Din Thomas by Unanimous Decision

Marcus Aurelio def. Ryan Roberts by Submission (Armbar) in the 1stRound

Manny Gamburyan def. Jeff Cox by Submission (Choke) in the 1stRound

Clay Guidadef. Samy Schiavo by TKO in the 1stRound

Georges Sotiropoulos def. Roman Mitichyan by TKO in the 2ndRound

Anthony Johnsondef. Tommy Speer by KO in the 1stRound

James Irvin def. Houston Alexander by TKO in the 1stRound
– James Irvin landed a beautiful superman punch that dropped Alexander, and he followed up with some ground and pound that caused Alexander to go limp. Irvin ties the UFC record for a KO at 8 seconds.

Nate Diaz def. Kurt Pellegrino by Submission (Triangle) in the 2ndRound
– Nate Diaz got worked during the entire 1stRound as Pellegrino took him down easily and started pounding him out in a crucifix type position, but Diaz was able to survive with a new cut on his eyebrow. The 2ndRound started much like the first, but when Pellegrino went for a slam he actually landed in Diaz’ triangle. Diaz knew he had Pelligrino as he didn’t even pull his head down, Diaz actually started celebrating and showing his muscles while Pellegrino was in his triangle. BIG win for Nate Diaz.

Matt Hamill def. Tim Boetsch by TKO in the 2ndRound
– Tim Boetsch looked good to start the 1stRound, but “The Hammer” was able to take him down and use his wrestling to stay on top which was the deciding factor into Hamill’s victory. Once the fight was stood up due to inactivity, you can tell that Boetsch was winded but he was able to land some beautiful knees to Hamill’s face. Boetsch did more damage in the 1stRound but as the 2ndRound began, Hamill stuffed a single-leg takedown attempt by Boetsch and started reigning down punches until the referee stopped the fight. Impressive comeback by Matt Hamill who ended up with a disgusting cut on his bottom lip due to a Boetsch knee that he ate.

Thiago Alves def. Karo Parisyan by TKO in the 2ndRound
– Karo Parisyan controlled much of the 1stRound as he started with a beautiful takedown which Alves was able to to get up from. Once the fighters were on their feet again, Parisyan’s stand-up looked good against the dangerous Alves as he easily won the 1stRound although he did eat a couple of punches from Alves. When the 2ndRound started, Parysian looked comfortable to stand and trade with Alves again but he ate a knee from Alves that dropped him and was able to land some ground and pound which caused the referee to step in and protect the upset Parisyan.

Gray Maynard def. Frank Edgar by Unanimous Decision
– The 1stRound saw both Edgar and Maynard feeling each other out until Maynard was able to get 2 takedowns on Edgar, but Maynard was unable to take advantage as Edgar worked his way back up. Maynard started the 2ndRound super aggressive but Edgar was able to withstand the flurry. As Edgar attempted to takedown Maynard, Maynard was able to stuff it and take Edgar down against the cage which Edgar used to stand back up. Edgar then started to land some solid punches in his best sequence of the fight so far. It seems as if Edgar has figured out Maynard’s timing in the middle of the 2ndRound and started landing some combinations, but he didn’t do a ton of damage. Edgar was finally able to take Maynard down, but as soon as he got him down Maynard stood back up. Towards the end of the 2ndRound, Gray Maynard shot in and was able to score a takedown where both fighters rode out the round. The start of the 3rdRound saw a flurry by both fighters that ended in both of them on their feet again. Maynard was able to score two takedowns in the early part of the 3rdRound and almost took Edgar’s back but Edgar was able to break out of it and land some elbows and punches. Maynard was able to rush Edgar again and take him down to score some more points, but he was still unable to do anything worth mentioning.

Kenny Florian def. Joe Lauzon by TKO in the 2ndRound
– Joe Lauzon started with a beautiful takedown but Florian landed some nice elbows from the bottom which Herb Dean deemed to be on the back of the head. Once the fight was stood back up, Florian landed a well placed left leg-kick to Lauzon’s stomach which sent him sprawling and allowed Florian to get the takedown. Lauzon was able to work his way back up and get Florian down. Lauzon was able to get side control on Florian which caused Florian to scramble back to the half-guard where Lauzon fell back for a leg-lock which allowed Florian to get back up. Florian started the 2ndRound with a pair of leg-kicks and was able to get the takedown on a hard breathing Joe Lauzon where he was able to get the full-mount and start landing a ton of shots from the top which caused a 2ndRound stoppage.

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