Brock Lesnar Preparing for Life After UFC

Written by Tim Ngo
January 5th, 2011

UFC Heavyweight Champ Brock Lesnar WWE

While Strikeforce’s blockbuster Heavyweight Grand Prix has dominated the mixed martial arts headlines, there’s a certain 265-pounder that competes inside of an Octagon that has also garnered some attention of late.

Longtime wrestling insider Dave Meltzer reported last week former UFC champ Brock Lesnar was looking to make a quick payday at Wrestlemania XXVII this coming April. Fans interpreted Meltzer’s “exit strategy” remark as Lesnar wanting to abandon real fighting after Cain Velasquez layeth the smacketh down at UFC 121.

Steve Cofield of CageWriter recently spoke with Meltzer to clarify his comments regarding the former WWE superstar.

“He can’t make as much as he can for a UFC fight, but it’s not that much less and it’s a lot easier training camp,” Meltzer said of Lesnar’s train of thought. “Brock will turn 34 this year, he’s a businessman.”

So what exactly does the future hold for the former “Baddest Man on the Planet?”

“As far as a couple of days ago, I know that he had not committed to anything. There’s no date for him to fight next, I’m sure he will,” Meltzer continued. “I think he would love if he could fight once or twice this year and do Wrestlemania because that would be a huge year.

“I never said he wasn’t gonna fight again. The word was ‘exit strategy,’ Brock, as I said, is gonna turn 34 and he’s not one of these guys who wants to be fighting when he’s 40. He’s preparing for his future.”

Lesnar owns a respectable 5-2 professional MMA record and has had UFC president Dana White wrap Octagon gold around his waist on three separate occasions. The latest rumor had him coaching opposite Frank Mir on “The Ultimate Fighter 13,” with the former kings finalizing their trilogy once filming of the reality show wrapped.

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