UFC 125: Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard Official Box Score

Written by Tom Ngo
January 2nd, 2011

UFC Lightweight Gray Maynard

While the Gray Maynard nation is still up in arms over the controversial draw he received against lightweight champ Frankie Edgar on Saturday, the Octagon’s official number crunchers have released the UFC 125: Edgar vs. Maynard II stat sheet to help his fanboys make sense of the situation.

The only issue up for debate in the opening five ticks is whether Maynard could have possibly earned the unfathomable 10-7 score. However, UFC president Dana White told Kevin Iole that verdict is as common as a unicorn. All three officials awarded Maynard with a 10-8 round.

Edgar came storming back in the 2ndRound, outstriking the challenger by a 21-6 margin. He also secured a takedown.

Although Maynard took the champ down twice in the middle stanza, Edgar scored more points in the stand up game to the tune of 23-17. He also attempted a guillotine choke while on his back. Two judges awarded the king a 10-9 round, while Glen Trowbridge gave Maynard the same score.

The fourth was an absolute runaway for the Jersey boy. He tagged Maynard 23 times, while eating only seven shots in return. In addition, he planted the Xtreme Couture trained fighter on his back twice.

In the go-for-broke 5thRound, Edgar connected on 20 strikes to Maynard’s 16. Neither 155-pounder were able to land a takedown. However, Frankie only failed on three attempts, as his nemesis was unsuccessful on seven tries.

Judge Patricia Morse Jarman and Trowbridge felt “The Bully” did enough to eek out a 10-9 score in the decisive segment, but Marcos Rosales flipped the script and gave Edgar the same tally.

Thankfully for Maynard, White has opted to put Anthony Pettis on the back burner and will immediately arrange Edgar vs. Maynard III.

Here is the official box score from UFC 125 (Courtesy of FightMetric.com):

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