Monte Cox happy to have Tim Sylvia and Ben Rothwell instead of Fedor

Written by Tim Ngo
April 8th, 2008

With Adrenaline MMA now formed and two stars under his belt, Monte Cox opened up to Steve Sievert of the Houston Chronicle about the prospects of his new organization as well as the failures of M-1 Global. Cox admitted to Sievert, “I would trade Fedor for Rothwell and Sylvia every day.”

It sounds like a ridiculous comment but if you read into it a little more, I think you’d understand what he’s saying. As “unbeatable” as Fedor Emelianenko seems, his star power in the United States is minimal at best. While Ben Rothwell has made a name for himself in the IFL as a rising Heavyweight and Tim Sylvia’s title reigns in the UFC speak for themselves.

Adrenaline MMA’s first event will be on June 14 in Chicago and both Sylvia and Rothwell are not scheduled to fight on the card, but word is that they may be lent out to Affliction’s new MMA organization.

Cox went on to say that Sylvia will be getting around $300,000 per fight and Rothwell would make upwards of 10 times more than what he made in the IFL.

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