Report: UFC’s Offer to Fedor Emelianenko

Written by Tom Ngo
July 30th, 2009

At yesterday’s  press conference, WAMMA heavyweight champion Fedor Emeliankenko and his camp made it perfectly clear that, although the UFC had made a ‘very good offer’ to acquire the Russian’s services, the world’s largest MMA organization still isn’t willing to budge on the negotiation’s primary sticking point.

According to The Carmichael Dave radio show on 1140 KHTK AM, Team Emelianenko, including manager and M-1 Global owner Vadim Finkelchtein, had a teleconference with UFC brass yesterday before M-1 held their press conference in Anaheim, California.

Although the talks were cordial, they failed to meet the expectations of Emelianenko & Co. Here are the terms that Carmichael Dave is reporting the UFC had on the table:

– A 6-fight, $30 million contract

– An immediate title shot at UFC 103 against champion Brock Lesnar

– A cut of the UFC 103 pay-per-view buys on top of Fedor’s salary (Likely to be the biggest PPV earner in company history)

– Fedor can still compete in his Sambo competitions

– Fedor can plaster as many M-1 logoed items on himself as he wishes

If this is what was indeed offered, then the UFC has certainly upped their ante. However, it apparantly still isn’t enough, as Finkelchtein emphasized at yesterday’s pow-wow that there is no chance you will ever see Fedor inside an Octagon unless the event is co-promoted by M-1 Global.

“We’re only going to work under co-promotion conditions,” Finkelchtein stated. “Our offer was very simple, we offered to have a co-promotion — two fights, three fights, doesn’t matter. And we were ready to invest in that show together and to get the profit together. But the UFC made a different offer that was a very good offer. But the same offer (they made), we can actually make to their champion. We can also offer millions to them and one, two, three, four fights to them.”

Working together, specifically in terms of co-promotion, is something the UFC refuses to do. And why should they?

They are the ones that took all the risk when MMA was left for dead. Most importantly, all of their other superstars abide by the same guidelines, why shouldn’t Fedor?

“The offer which was made by the UFC is not interesting for us,” Emelianenko matter of factly stated. “I completely trust Vadim and I completely trust our team in M-1 Global.”

This is the UFC’s second crack at inking MMA’s Terminator, with the same issues presenting insurmountable roadblocks. Unless one side gives-way, this thing is never gonna happen.

Doesn’t look good for mixed martial arts fans at this point in time …

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