Cro Cop Bashes Brock Lesnar

Written by Tom Ngo
July 30th, 2009

Mirko Cro Cop Filipovic

“[Brock Lesnar] Victory is a Defeat for the Sport” – You can now officially add Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic to the growing list of Brock Lesnar haters.

CC isn’t really saying anything bad personally about the former WWE employee, simply that his UFC 100 destruction of Frank Mir to become the UFC’s undisputed heavyweight champion is terrible for the sport of mixed martial arts.

“I must point out that his victory is a defeat for the sport as such,” Cro Cop told index.hr (Translated by Fighters Only) of Lesnar’s dominating performance. “Don’t get me wrong, Lesnar is a fearsome and very dangerous opponent, but I am old school, I prefer skill and technique. This win was a defeat of martial skills.”

Cro Cop was quick to point out Lesnar’s key to victory, an imposing elephant in the room that nobody can ignore, perhaps even too big to ever be conquered taking into account the current weight provisions for the heavyweight class.

“Much of what he achieved in the fight is a result of pure power,” Cro Cop added. “Of course, Lesnar has quality sparring partners, is an experienced wrestler and a man who learns very quickly. But he is yet to have a real struggle. He does not have many fights in his career and I would love to see how he would react to two or three good low kicks.”

Now that Filipovic has officially re-signed with the UFC, it’s possible that we could all witness some vintage CC kicks to Lesnar’s wheels, IF he were to dominate Junior dos Santos at UFC 103.

The MMA world knows how deadly CC’s kicks can be. Just ask Wanderlei Silva. However, engaging in those risky strikes leave you susceptible for takedowns, something that plays right into the champ’s comfort zone. Just ask Mir.

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