Thiago Alves Using Liposuction to Remain in UFC Welterweight Division?

Written by Tom Ngo
January 7th, 2011

UFC Welterweight Thiago Alves

While most fight fans are thrilled to have the old Thiago Alves back in the UFC’s welterweight mix, his former conditioning coach has taken on the bitter ex-girlfriend role by criticizing the magic formula Alves’ current trainer has conjured up.

Much has been made of the Brazilian’s propensity to pack on a few too many pounds when it’s time to tip the scales. The massive 170-pounder has missed weight on multiple occasions under the watchful eye of Andre Benkei. However, Alves recently joined forced with Mike Dolce and seems to have found his happy place – which is clearly as far away from Las Vegas’ buffet lines as possible.

“Training with me, he was elected fighter of the year, disputed a title, got several knockout of the night and best fight of night and made good money with it,” Benkei told FightersOnly. “I think each athlete must feel good with what they can have. I feel happy to know he is satisfied with what he has now and wish him good luck. I’ve been told that now there are three professionals and a liposuction guy trying to do what I did before. Very good for him.

“He seems happy for making 171 pounds and beat John Howard by points in the last fight [at UFC 124]. As I told you, it’s great to see he feels good with that.”

In addition to missing the mark for his pivotal rematch with Jon Fitch at UFC 117, the talented 27-year-old was also suspended in 2007 for taking a banned diuretic to help him lose excess pounds. In addition, he weighed-in at an astonishing three pounds over the limit for his UFC 85 contest against Matt Hughes in June 2008.

At one point, even UFC president Dana White suggested Alves’ days as a welterweight were numbered.

Courtesy of Dolce and some alleged cellulite sucking action, “The Pitbull” has managed to kick start his once-promising mixed martial arts career. While Benkei appears willing to share his sour grapes with everyone walking God’s green earth, Alves is on a strict Dolce Diet and he ain’t tryin’ to have any of it.

“My peoples let the haters hate! That’s they [expletive] job lol we can’t have people unemployed in this economy is bad for [business] 😉 osuuu,” Alves tweeted Friday morning.

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