Thiago Alves says he's the number two contender for the UFC Welterweight title

Written by Tim Ngo
April 9th, 2008

Heading into Ultimate Fight Night last week, Karo Parisyan thought that he was the #1 contender for the UFC Welterweight title. Unfortunately he ate a knee from Thiago Alves that apparently has shot-putted Alves to the #2 slot right behind Jon Fitch. Alves had told TAGG Radio earlier today that UFC matchmaker Joe Silva had told him, “I’m right behind Jon Fitch”.

Alves is riding a 5-fight winning streak, with his last loss coming at the hands of the aforementioned Jon Fitch nearly 22 months ago.

Fitch was able to get by Chris Wilson at UFC 82 to maintain his #1 contender status that he’s going to ride out until the winner of the Geroges St-Pierre/Matt Serra fight is determined on April 19th at UFC 83 in Canada.

We’re not sure if Alves is going to sit out and wait until Fitch faces the winner of St-Pierre/Serra, or if the UFC would require Alves to fight in-between much like they did when Fitch had to fight Wilson even though he was already widely considered to be the #1 contender for the Welterweight title.

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