The UFC wants an event in New York by the end of 2008

Written by Tim Ngo
April 13th, 2008

A hot topic in the New York newspapers over the last couple of days has been the probability of Mixed Martial Arts being sanctioned in America’s biggest market. Both The Times Union and The Times Harald Record have discussed the move of the largest growing sport into New York. UFC vice president of government and regulatory affairs, Mark Ratner recent told The Times Union, “we’re looking at shows in New York in late 2008 or early 2009.”

According to The Times Union, State Senator Joseph Bruno will not comment on Mixed Martial Arts until a bill has been proposed. We reported last month that the UFC was going to take their campaign of getting MMA sanctioned in the state of New York public.

UFC President Dana White told The Times Herald Record, “once New York joins New Jersey, Pennsylvania and 30 other states in regulating mixed martial arts, we will be thrilled to offer a UFC event this year to an upstate city and replicate its success all over the state.”

There’s no secret why the UFC wants to enter New York, there’s a lot of money involved. Every business is about being profitable and the UFC would love to be the first to enter America’s largest market.

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