How the Jabbawockeez Helped “UFC 126: Silva vs. Belfort”

Written by Tom Ngo
February 5th, 2011

Anderson Silva Jabbawockeez

As if Super Bowl XLV’s opening act needed any additional hoopla, the Jabbawockeez decided to throw their trademark masks into the “UFC 126: Silva vs. Belfort” mix.

Middleweight champ Anderson Silva took center stage with the popular hip-hop dance crew Thursday night during their critically-acclaimed show. It was shortly after catching wind of Vitor Belfort’s assessment he was hiding behind a fake persona, but around the exact same time “The Spider” discovered how he’d respond to his alleged fugazy ways.

Little did UFC brass know, Silva’s cameo in “MÜS.I.C.” may have pushed tonight’s pay-per-view numbers through the roof. Not that the star-studded show needed much help. It was reported approximately 5,500 fans attended Friday’s weigh-ins, which forced officials to turn people away.

The overwhelming turnout is a solid indicator a rich PPV payday was already on its way. However, yesterday’s altercation was the extra oomph the UFC needed to steal some of the Super Bowl’s spotlight.

The Jabbawockeez, who are known just as much for their white masks as they are for their captivating routines, have parlayed their victory in the first season of MTV’s “America’s Best Dance Crew” to a regular gig at the Monte Carlo on The Las Vegas Strip. The group’s show is so popular, Silva insisted they were a part of his fight-week festivities.

The b-boys clearly inspired Silva, as he confronted Belfort at Friday’s weigh-ins by rocking the Jabbawockeez‘s signature headgear.

Moments after tipping the scales, the 185-pounders engaged in an intense mask-to-face square off. That’s when the madness ensued and the PPV needle really started to move.

It was the Jabbawockeez’s mask that caused their foreheads to collide, which lead to neither stud backing down, which was followed up by some Portuguese smack talk, which nearly incited some premature Brazilian-on-Brazilian crime.

Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed and tonight inside the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas will mark the first time the former amigos will fight for real.

Although Silva has vowed to put on a show when the curtain is drawn, his opening act Friday wasn’t too shabby. Let’s just hope he doesn’t decide to dust off his dancing shoes for this evening’s main event:

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