UFC’s Inability To Sign Fedor Getting Redundant

Written by Tim Ngo
August 1st, 2009

After failing for the millionth time to sign Fedor Emelianenko to a contract, it seems as though we’ll never see Fedor fight in the Octagon, ever. According to the UFC, they offered him a ridiculous deal that would even make a pro basketball player jealous. Fedor’s camp disagrees with how generous the offer was though saying that it didn’t meet their expectations.

“We did everything possible for this deal,” White said. “We didn’t hold back. It’s crazy to turn down a deal like this. We went above and beyond. We have been able to sign the best fighters in the world over the last 10 years, so to not be able to sign this guy [wasn’t our fault].”

White does have a tendency to over-exaggerate sometimes, but he isn’t lying when he says that they’ve been able to sign the best fighters in the world time after time.

M-1’s take on the negotiations was completely different than White’s.

“It is M-1’s preference not to negotiate in public, and we are unsure why people claim that Fedor and M-1 turned down a six-fight, $30 million contract to fight in the UFC when no such offer was ever made,” M-1 president Vadim Finkelstein said.

Either way, we’ve seen and heard this dance before. Although we know everyone wished the result would’ve been different, the story is starting to get as stale as Brett Favre’s “retirement(s)”.

Regardless of what ACTUALLY happened, it appears that fans will never get to see Fedor compete in the UFC.

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