Steven Seagal Training Anderson Silva Front Kick and More (Video)

Written by Tom Ngo
February 9th, 2011

Anderson Silva Friend Steven Seagal

Outside of Anderson Silva and Jon Jones, no one hoarded the MMA headlines quite like Steven Seagal did following UFC 126. After proving the face-to-foot defense is no bueno, “The Spider” revealed the Aikido practitioner was the man who schooled him in the art of the front kick.

Long before unleashing the highlight reel strike, the icons were hard at work inside Black House Gym in Southern California. In addition to helping the planet’s deadliest marksman with his standup attack, Seagal also showed the jiu jitsu black belt a few submission maneuvers.

One of the moves was an abridged a camel clutch that would have put the Iron Sheik to shame. In addition to his apparent MMA genius, Seagal also seems to moonlight as a precognitive expert.

“Certainly this fight [against Vitor Belfort] is another step in the road, but I believe this will not be one of his more difficult fights,” Seagal predicted. “I don’t think this fight will be very difficult for Anderson. He’s just a much better fighter, that’s just my humble opinion.”

It took Silva all of three minutes and 25 seconds to notch his eighth consecutive middleweight title defense on Saturday.

Please click the media player below to watch Seagal put a beating on Silva and his sparring partner:

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