ESPN’s Jim Rome: “Fedor Emelianenko Got Paid, Then Exposed and Now it’s Over”

Written by Tom Ngo
February 15th, 2011

Strikeforce Fedor Emelianenko

After getting overwhelmed by Antonio Silva on Saturday night, UFC president Dana White went on a six-hour Twitter rant expressing his condolences to Fedor Emelianenko fanboys. Thankfully, @fedoroskol recently joined the popular social network and was able to follow right along, albeit with the use of only his left eye.

On Monday, it was the Russian’s turn to get lambasted on one of the most popular sports shows in America. On his third ‘Opening Burn,’ ESPN’s Jim Rome torched the most decorated heavyweight in mixed martial arts history.

Here’s what Romie had to say on yesterday’s edition of “Jim Rome is Burning”:

“No matter how good you are, you will lose. Everybody does, there are so many different disciplines and everybody gets caught at some point. But, that’s not what happened to Fedor Emelianenko Saturday against Antonio Silva.

After going a decade without losing, he follows up last summer’s loss to Fabricio Werdum by getting his face beaten in Saturday. And that’s no fluke, that’s not a guy getting suckered into a savvy submission hold or just getting caught with one big shot in the chin.

That was a bigger, stronger, better fighter on top of Fedor pounding him senseless. Silva said that he was surprised that the doctors stopped the fight.

Surprised or disappointed? Did you bother to check that piece of meat that you were bludgeoning between shots?

Trust me, he had enough.

Fedor admitted enough afterwards, quote – ‘Maybe it’s time to leave … Maybe it’s the last time, maybe it’s high time.’ – No maybe’s about it, if anything it’s probably past time. Now it’s pretty obvious why he didn’t want to sign with the UFC.

While Strikeforce does have competitive heavyweights, he didn’t want to fight the best of the best on the biggest stage, he knew better. He refused to take any chances; he milked it for all its worth and he got paid and then exposed and now it’s over.”

Although Rome’s recent support of MMA has done wonders for its popularity, it was as though Dana White was dishing out the ‘Opening Burn’ himself – sans the overabundance of F-bombs, of course.

Did Fedor get paid? Absolutely, as every division’s GOAT should.

Did “Bigfoot” expose the legend that was “The Last Emperor?” Debatable, but facing a 55-pound weight disadvantage in any sport can make a significant difference.

Was that the last we have seen of Emelianenko? We shall see (no pun intended).

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