Dana White: First International “The Ultimate Fighter” Could be in Philippines by Late 2011

Written by Tom Ngo
February 15th, 2011

UFC President Dana White

It’s not quite like the frantic chase to host the Olympics, but countries are lining up for a shot at holding the first international “The Ultimate Fighter” in their homeland, nonetheless.

While the record-setting numbers the Canadians posted for UFC 129 was as solid of a sales pitch as any nation could make, perhaps even surpassing the Brits who stake claim to plenty of Octagon athletes, UFC president Dana White said the Philippines would likely be awarded the gig later this year.

White made the announcement during Tuesday’s conference call.

While the Philippines may get first dibs, White envisions each country getting their own TUF series somewhere down the line. In addition to our neighbors up north and across the pond, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Japan and China are among the many countries in the mix to host a tournament.

The UFC recently cut ties with Brandon Vera, leaving middleweight Mark Munoz as the most popular Filipino-American on its roster. Despite their lack of Pinoy depth, their decision to penetrate the Philippines can likely be credited to Georges St-Pierre.

The welterweight king took his talents to Manila last September and the place went bananas. GSP was mobbed by so many people, he said he felt like “the President of the United States.”

No word on when the organization intends to make a formal announcement regarding the 14th season of their popular realty series.

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