Michael Bisping Takes Post-Fight Antics and Irony to New Levels Following UFC 127

Written by Tom Ngo
February 27th, 2011

UFC Middleweight Michael Bisping

After clowning Michael Bisping in a few highly comical pre-fight videos, Jorge Rivera was well aware he’d be facing a motivated Brit at UFC 127. While he understood it may have been time to pay the piper during their battle, “El Conquistador” never expected to witness the despicable behavior Bisping showcased immediately after.

“Never talk about my family. Go home, loser,” Bisping shouted just inches from Rivera’s battered face.

As if circling back to taunt his defeated opponent wasn’t enough, Bisping did so after making a beeline for Rivera’s corner and spitting in their direction. However, he claimed to MMAFighting, “I was spitting at the floor to let them know what I thought of them.”

That would be the case if Bisping was referring to the ground directly in front of Rivera’s team. However, he hocked his loogie in a forward direction through the fence, not downward at the canvas. As my old basketball coach used to say, “The film don’t lie.”

Something else that was caught on tape was Bisping’s brutal knee to Rivera’s head in the opening round. The only problem was Rivera was still on the ground, making the vicious strike highly illegal. The shot was so blatant, some believe it was done intentionally because of the beef that had built up between the middleweights.

“The knee certainly wasn’t on purpose,” Bisping flatly stated at the post-fight presser. “You get excited in the heat of the fight. He was getting up off the ground. I had him in a Thai clinch. I was waiting to time it to knee him in the head.

“I got a little over-excited and pulled the trigger too early. It happens quite a lot. It’s a fast-moving sport. I certainly didn’t mean to do it.”

While some are arguing the illegal knee completely altered the course of their shootout, that’s not what Rivera’s corner or the rest of the decent world are focusing on. When asked whether he was worried Rivera’s camp would press Octagon brass for a spitting suspension, Bisping flipped the script and took irony to unprecedented levels.

“It doesn’t surprise me,” Bisping said of the prospects of Rivera’s camp perusing punishment. “It’s just one classless move after another, I suppose.

“I shouldn’t behave like that, but I think he just needs to accept his beating and get over it.”

The UFC didn’t suspend Brock Lesnar for his shameless antics on Frank Mir following his victory at UFC 100, so it’s unlikely Bisping would be issued a ban.

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