Ngo-Stradamus Calls UFC 83

Written by Tom Ngo
April 19th, 2008

The world knows Nostradamus as the man that predicted many major world events. His prophecies are undeniable and have created quite the cult following. Well 5thRounders, Ngo-stramanus will look to do the same thing, but in the context of the MMA world. The all mighty one is coming off another perfect round of predictions at UFC 82, once again posting an astonishing 5-0 record. Ngo-stradamus has proclaimed an incredible 10-0 record the last two UFC’s, read what the all mighty Ngo-stradamus foresees taking place at UFC 83.Mac Danzig (-500) vs. Mark Bocek (+300)

Dazig will be making his debut as The Ultimate Fighter Season 6 Champion, and look for him to come out and make a strong statement.

Bocek is coming off of a couple of nice victories in his last two UFC fights, but the UFC decided to make him the sacrificial lamb by putting him on display to be Danzig ’s doormat. Danzig is better in all aspects of the MMA game and should win, but Ngo-stradamus has an eerie feeling that this fight could end in an upset.

Ngo-stadamus predicts: Danzig 2ndRound TKO

Michael Bisping (-325) vs. Charles McCarthy (+250)

Bisping will be making his debut in the Middleweight division, and by the looks of it, the UFC supports his drop in weight classes. By handing him McCarthy, the UFC wants to make sure that they are protecting his move into a division that is in dire need of depth. Not to mention, Bisping’s ability to succeed also allows them to market an English fighter, as the UFC continues their attempts to make their company an international powerhouse.

Ngo-stadamus predicts: Bisping by 3rdRound TKO

Nate Quarry (-300) vs. Kalib Starnes (+220)

Starnes looked very impressive in his victory over Chris Leben, just two fights ago. Unfortunately, due to a malicious cut that he suffered in his next bout against Alan Belcher he was unable to parlay that victory into any major momentum.

This will be Quarry’s second back in the Octagon since his devastating loss to Rich Franklin, nearly two years ago. Who knows if Quarry will ever be able to recover from not only that loss, but the back surgery that he had thereafter.
Starnes career seems to be gaining some steam, while Quarry’s is in limbo. I like Starnes in an impressive upset in this one.

Ngo-stadamus predicts: Starnes by 2ndRound TKO

Rich Franklin (-330) vs. Travis Lutter (+260)

A lot has happened in Lutter’s rollercoaster ride of a career, while Franklin ’s has been all downhill since the arrival of current UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva. He didn’t just lose twice to the Champ, but was humiliated both times.

Lutter, another victim of Silva’s, looks to take a step towards redeeming his loss to Silva. In a weakened division, beating Franklin could catapult him into title contention within the year. At its current state, Franklin is clearly the best of the rest after Silva in the 185lb. division, but it never seems that he will be able to successfully tame the beast that is Silva.

I like Franklin in a close fight. He is not the fighter that he once was, more mentally than physically, and Lutter is not prepared to take the next step just yet. Ngo-stradamus has a funny feeling about this bout as well.

Ngo-stadamus predicts: Franklin by 3rdRound TKO

Geroges St. Pierre (-450) vs. Matt Serra (+300)

Almost a year to the date, Serra shocked the world and sent GSP’s career into another uphill climb. Saturday, Serra will look to hit the lottery twice in his first title defense since beating GSP, having to pull out of his anticipated match up between Matt Hughes due to a herniated disc in his back just a few months back.

GSP, on the other hand, has stayed active since his loss to Serra, and looks to have regained his dominant form after suffering the most humiliating loss of his career.

GSP has sworn to come out aggressive, looking to force the issue and knock out Serra early in the fight. This is a much better strategy than he had in their last bout, as GSP was on his heels for much of the fight, allowing the shorter Serra to lunge and put weight behind his strikes.

Ngo-stadamus predicts: 2ndRound TKO

And those are Ngo-stradamus’s calls for UFC 83. Make sure to check in to 5thRound.com as we will be posting the results LIVE as they happen. UFC 83 is available only on PPV starting at 10PMPST. Try to order the fight if you can and support MMA.

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