Chael Sonnen to Michael Bisping: I’m Your Superior and You Owe Me a Personal Apology

Written by Tom Ngo
March 4th, 2011

UFC Middleweight Chael Sonnen

Although Chael Sonnen is less than 48 hours removed from his six-month drug suspension, it appears the controversial middleweight has replaced UFC president Dana White as the company’s shot caller.

On Sonnen’s first day of duty, he demanded Michael Bisping apologize to him for his heinous antics this past Saturday at UFC 127, as well as issuing the Brit a stern ultimatum in the process.

“I did see Michael Bisping’s fight, and I was very disappointed in his behavior. Spitting on Jose Riviera’s cornermen brought disgrace to himself, to the sport, and to all fighters, me included. That’s why, first and foremost, Michael Bisping owes me an apology,” Sonnen told FightersOnly.

“As someone with much more experience than him, at a much higher level of competition, I am his superior and his behavior warrants an apology to me.”

Clearly, the chances of Sonnen receiving a Hallmark card in the mail are remote. However, he claims to have agents scattered throughout the Octagon’s corporate office that have been feeding him top secret info.

“I happen to know, from one of my very highly-placed sources at the UFC, that Michael Bisping’s ‘goodwill account’ is seriously overdrawn with the company. He’s on very thin ice wearing really sharp skates, if you know what I mean,” Sonnen suggested of Bisping’s employment status.

“So, there are only two possible outcomes for him: He can fight me, or he can get released. He needs to fight me to keep his job. But…and this is a big but…I don’t have to fight Michael Bisping to keep my job.”

Sonnen is currently serving a temporary suspension issued by White. It’s likely his future will be clearer once he cops a plea for his money laundering case on March 28th. Then again, if you ask him, he knows exactly what his Outlook Calendar reads.

“If I decide not to fight [Bisping], they’ll set me up with some other contender I can ridicule, then pound into fine powder. But Bisping’s got me, or he’s gone … and he better apologize,” he said in closing.

“Once he agrees to do that, I’ll decide what form his apology should take. I may want a singing apology. I may want him to choreograph and perform a little ‘apology dance.’ I may make him kiss my ring like I’m the Pope, or kneel before me like I’m the King and he’s being knighted.”

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