Dana White: Michael Bisping INTENTIONALLY Threw Illegal Knee, He’s in Trouble

Written by Tom Ngo
March 4th, 2011

UFC President Dana White

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse for Michael Bisping – after an impressive 2ndRound TKO victory, mind you – UFC president Dana White told the Versus Pre-Fight crew prior to Thursday’s “Sanchez vs. Kampmann” broadcast that he believes the Brit’s illegal knee on Jorge Rivera was thrown intentionally.

“Michael Bisping is in trouble right now,” White emphatically stated. “Michael Bisping is a guy who I’ve liked and have had a good relationship with since ‘The Ultimate Fighter.’ I’m very disappointed in the way he conducted himself during that fight.

“I think that the knee was intentional. I think he did do it on purpose. I think he saw him in that position, he looked at him and he threw the knee. And obviously I don’t like what he did after the fight, either.”

If you were to parlay White’s opinion, which in most instances is the only one that matters, along with Bisping’s despicable shenanigans immediately following UFC 127, wouldn’t that make Bisping the middleweight division’s most classless cheap shot artist?

White previously stated “The Count” would be disciplined for sharing his DNA with Rivera’s corner. However, this was the first time MMA’s big boss man has professed the knee was executed intentionally.

While some have argued the illegal strike significantly altered the course of their shootout, the fact White believes it was done purposely should drastically intensify Bisping’s punishment.

“Mike and I still need to talk and I’ll figure what’s next for Michael Bisping,” White secretively said in closing.

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