Chad Ochocinco Reveals Game Plan for UFC Champ Anderson Silva (Video)

Written by Tom Ngo
March 8th, 2011

UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva

While countless NFL superstars have jumped on the MMA off-season workout regimen, none have been bold enough to actually challenge a professional mixed martial artist to actual combat. In steps the wide receiver formerly/currently known as Chad Ochocinco.

As his primary place of employment is engaged in heated labor talks that could shut down the upcoming season, Ochocinco recently took to his Twitter account to reaffirm his desire to challenge UFC middleweight king Anderson Silva to a fight. On Tuesday, a YouTube video surfaced where 85 reveals his complete game plan for the planet’s baddest 185-pounder.

“I won’t [get hurt], because I’m not going to go to the ground,” he stated. “I know if I fight Anderson, I have to fight him standing up. I’m quicker than him. I know he’s very good at what he does, but don’t be fooled. I’m one of the elite athletes in the NFL.

“I’m very fast, very quick. I just can’t go to the ground. And I can’t be within his reach, either. So maybe I’ll just run around the ring the whole damn time.”

While the NFL and the Players Association have entered into the 13th day of you-better-get-this-thing-done negotiations, Ochocinco is looking to setup life after football. Although his challenge was made mostly out of tongue-in-cheek, if any amateur is wild enough to step into the Octagon with Silva, it would be the man that legally changed his last name from ‘Johnson’ to his playing number spelled out in Spanish (sort of).

“Man, I’m crazy enough to get in there, too,” he added. “That’s the funny thing. I’m crazy enough to get in there.”

FYI – Ochocinco recently announced he would convert his last name back to ‘Johnson.’

Please click the media player below to watch the flamboyant wideout reveal his complete strategy for “The Spider”:

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