Back on top! GSP takes out Serra in 2ndRound

Written by Tim Ngo
April 19th, 2008

Georges St-Pierre promised to be a completely different fighter in his hometown of Montreal the second time around with Matt “The Terror” Serra. This time, St-Pierre followed through on his promise as he dominated Matt Serra and took him down at will.

The main event at UFC 83 on Saturday night looked eerily similar to UFC 74 when Georges “Rush” St-Pierre took on Josh Koscheck, who many experts considered to be the best wrestler in the UFC. That was until St-Pierre outwrestled him to a unanimous decision victory.

St-Pierre never gave Serra a chance to land that knockout shot that shocked the MMA world back at UFC 69. Every time Serra tried to move forward, St-Pierre shot for a double-leg takedown and advanced to Serra’s half-guard. Two rounds of takedowns, ground-and-pound and a bevy of knees to Serra’s side, ended the New Yorker’s unsuccessful night in Canada.

The UFC will definitely be back in Canada as the reception was amazing for almost all of the fighters, not just the Canadian ones. GSP gave the fans something to cheer about as he’s taking the Undisputed UFC Welterweight title out on the town with him to celebrate.

What’s next for GSP you ask? How about the guy who said St-Pierre was “scared” of getting knocked out. The consensus #1 contender for St-Pierre’s new title in Jon Fitch. We’ll have to see what Dana White and the UFC brass has to say in the very near future. For now though St-Pierre can enjoy the beginning of his 2nd reign as champion.

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