Fedor Emelianenko Makes Silver Screen Debut in “The Salamander Key”

Written by 5thRound.com Staff
March 23rd, 2011

Strikeforce heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko

Although Fedor Emelianenko’s illustrious mixed martial arts career appears to be winding down, the 34-year-old will make his silver screen debut in “The Salamander Key” (formerly The Fifth Execution) this week in Moscow, Russia.

Alongside “The Last Emperor,” the motion picture also stars Rutger Hauer and Michael Madsen.

The movie is premised on a group of international scientists who disappear on a remote island in South-Eastern Asia. While conducting advanced medical research, the Rescue Group commissioned to seek out the team locate remnants of a high-tech laboratory revealing evidence that experimental testing has been conducted on animals and humans.

The last communication from the scientists prior to their disappearance cautions the world of immanent, grave global disaster.

Cast: Fedor Emelianenko, Rutger Hauer, Zunis Dzhongsavat, Govit Vattanakun, Adrian Bowden, Bo Dzhittrang, Valery Nikolaev, Pavel delagila, Michael Madsen, Oleg Chernov, Valeriy Solovyov, Julia Gorshenin, Alexander Lenin, Aleksei Gorbunov, Anna Geller
Director: Alexander Jakimchuk
Screenwriter: Sergey Bondarenko, Igor syringe, Alexander Jakimchuk, Alexander Prokopovich
Producer: Katherine Vetrova, Vadim Finkelstein, Sergei Matvienko
Operator: Garik Zhamharyan
Composer: Yuri Poteenko

Please click the media player below to watch the trailer:

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