Starnes says he quit the UFC before being released

Written by Tim Ngo
April 22nd, 2008

The update regarding Kalib Starnes’ dismissal from the UFC comes from The Fight Network’s report that Starnes had actually requested to be release from his UFC contract prior to Dana White publicly firing him.

If you don’t recall, we reported earlier today that UFC President Dana White had publicly admonished Starnes for his lackluster performance and followed up by letting him go from his UFC contract.

“A story was released by some reporter from Yahoo! in which Dana White said that he had released me from my contract. I received no documentation on that, and it came after I asked to be released,” Starnes told The Fight Network.

Don’t think that Starnes let White get away without firing back some comments of his own, “I couldn’t be happier than to be released from the most oppressive contract I’ve ever been under in my life,” continued Starnes.

The other crazy part of the story which continued yesterday was that Starnes had reportedly known going into the fight with Quarry that he was going to under perform because of his unhappiness with his pay and to guarantee his release from the UFC. Starnes killed that rumor by saying, “any report or rumor that I came on any radio station to comment on the fight or circumstances surrounding the fight or in reference to the UFC or Dana White is completely false”.

According to The Fight Network’s report, it was a broken foot that occurred early in the fight that caused Starnes’ reluctance to move forward.

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