Chael Sonnen Will “Clear the Air” with Commission Regarding Testosterone Usage

Written by Tom Ngo
April 12th, 2011

UFC Middleweight Chael Sonnen

For the first time since never, UFC middleweight Chael Sonnen thoroughly addressed the public regarding the downward spiral that has become his life. Just one weekend removed from getting sentenced for money laundering, the controversial fighter was as candid as could be given the turns his career has taken.

After dominating champion Anderson Silva at UFC 117 for NEARLY their entire 25-minute affair, Sonnen found himself on the wrong end of “The Spider’s” limbs and was submitted at the 11th hour. Sonnen had captivated fans with his entertaining verbal assault leading up to their showdown, and won even more over with his unbelievable performance against Silva.

Speaking of his supernatural showing, Sonnen tested positive for high levels of testosterone shortly after their battle in August 2010. He was semi-victorious in his appeal to the California State Athletic Commission this past December.

Sonnen’s attorneys and physician argued their client had been undergoing Testosterone Replacement Therapy since early 2008 and had previously disclosed his testosterone usage to Nevada State Athletic Commission executive director Keith Kizer.

His clearance through Kizer was one of the primary reasons, if not THE reason, the CSAC reduced Sonnen’s one-year suspension in half. He was also fined $2,500.

Kizer did not attend the appeals meeting, therefore could not refute Sonnen’s claims. However, Kizer has done so on multiple occasions since.

“All the frustration and all of the blame is on me,” Sonnen admitted to the MMA Hour on Monday. “I’m the one that chose my words. I’m the one that said when I was in California, I represented to them that I had a conversation with Kizer and he approved my medicine use.

“That is not correct. Those are the wrong words. My (previous) manager had the conversation. I relied on information my manager gave me. So director Kizer is absolutely correct. He’s correct to be frustrated. I chose the words. It comes to me.

“Now, I wasn’t attempting to mislead anybody, but they’re my words all the same, so I should have to answer to Kizer.”

Sonnen believes his temporary suspension issued by UFC president Dana White has been lifted following Friday’s court hearing. However, that doesn’t mean he’s gonna be stepping into the Octagon anytime soon.

“My focus is making things right with director Kizer. I need to clear the air with him, and more importantly, I need to clear it on the record,” Sonnen expressed. “My takeaway from the meeting with Kizer was not ‘We don’t want to work with you again.’ It was simply, ‘There’s been some mistakes. Our reservation is you’re going to repeat them.’

“That’s not going to happen, but what he wants to do is give me an opportunity to speak on the record so that we can get everything recorded and written down and make sure we don’t do those things again. If I was in Kizer’s shoes, I wouldn’t demand anything less.”

He was hoping to meet with officials this Friday. Unfortunately for Sonnen, Kizer told MMAFighting the former realtor would likely to be added to the NSAC’s April 27th meeting.

Speaking of his days in the real estate market

“I was a real estate professional. I had a license. That means whether I knew or didn’t know, I should’ve known,” Sonnen said. “Listen, this is what men do. We take responsibility for our irresponsibilies, and that’s what I did.”

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