UFC: FIGHTERS WANTED, Submit Your Resumes to Jobbi.com

Written by Tom Ngo
April 25th, 2011

UFC President Dana White

Attention: All wannabe UFC fighters! For those pushing their bodies to the absolute extremes in a tiny little gym in the middle of nowhere in hopes of a shot at the brass ring, the planet’s premier mixed martial arts promotion sure has some great news for you.

Despite having access to a handful of additional superstars following their watershed purchase of Strikeforce, UFC president Dana White claimed they were still scouring the earth to hire more fighters. Instead of posting their job openings in the Classifieds, the UFC has partnered up with Jobbi.com to help them find their next batch of studs.

To apply to become a UFC Fighter, simply complete your Jobbi profile, upload your resume, photos and videos. Don’t forget to anxiously wait by your phone for an interview!

There were 18 resumes already uploaded by the time of publication. Eddie Medve is lookin’ fierce!

Here’s a peek at Mr. White’s profile:

President – UFC
Company: Zuffa LLC, Ultimate Fighting Championship
Title: President
Held position from: 01/2001 to 12/2011

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