Mickey's and Tito Ortiz Agree to Partnership

Written by Tim Ngo
April 24th, 2008

What do you do if the UFC drops you for Anheuser-Busch? Well in Mickey’s case you sign a partnership agreement with a fighter who’s leaving the UFC. Tito Ortiz will be featured in future Mickey’s packaging as was said in the press release that was sent out by Mickey’s. “Through the multifaceted partnership, Mickey’s will develop promotions, events and packaging featuring Ortiz,” the press release went on to say.

With Tito Ortiz having his own reality MMA-show on G4TV as well as a future highly sought after free-agent, it seems as though Mickey’s is jumping on the Tito Ortiz bandwagon to capitalize on all of the media attention that Ortiz is going to garner over the next few months.

Here’s another excerpt from the Mickey’s press release that sheds some more light on the partnership before the liquor company and Ortiz:

Mickey’s plans to leverage the fighter’s popularity by developing programs that closely tie Ortiz to the growing malt liquor brand, while providing fans with the opportunity to keep tabs on this MMA star inside and outside the arena.

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