No Couture? No Problem! Brock Lesnar to Debut at UFC 81 Against Frank Mir

Written by Tim Ngo
November 6th, 2007


At an event where Randy Couture was supposed to return from his “nightstick” fracture, Brock Lesnar is going to fill in as he’s set to face former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir at UFC 81 in Las Vegas.

Dana White told the media during a recent press conference, “I got 250 guys under contract, we don’t have any guys here that are tomato cans. We’re going to bring in guys to test Brock Lesnar.”

White clearly wasn’t joking, putting the former WWE champion against a former UFC champion will be a true test to see where Lesnar’s fighting game really is.

Couture was originally rumored to headline UFC 81 on SuperBowl weekend in Las Vegas, but due to his sudden resignation, plans have obviously changed.

UFC 81 definitely has star power now as the live gate and PPV buys will probably be higher with Lesnar on the card.

It’ll be interesting to see how Lesnar does against a well rounded fighter, his first fight didn’t give experts a chance tok now if he’ll be a contender or a pretender.

We can say that Brock Lesnar is a very down to earth guy, he was very gracious when we met him at UFC 74 (Couture’s last fight in the UFC).

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