Jose Aldo Had Infection and on Antibiotics Leading Up to UFC 129

Written by Tom Ngo
May 4th, 2011

UFC Jose Aldo

You know you’re in a tough business when you do THIS to someone’s forehead and still get criticized for your lackluster performance. Although featherweight champ Jose Aldo posted a unanimous decision win over Mark Hominick at UFC 129, company president Dana White felt Saturday’s scrap should never have gone the distance.

“Here’s the weird thing about Aldo to me, he came out and looked like this was going to be a quick night with nasty leg kicks,” White said at the post-fight press conference. “Had he kept throwing those leg kicks, the fight might have been over in the 2ndRound.

“Then he just stopped, he slowed down. His pace, it was very weird. I thought he got hurt. I thought he hurt his leg or something happened or he was tired and gassed. I didn’t know. It was very weird.”

Well, Aldo’s manager Ed Soares brought the weirdness to an end when he told MMAJunkie his client was recovering from an undisclosed infection and was on antibiotics until the Monday prior to this weekend’s shootout.

“We don’t want anything to be taken away from Mark Hominick,” Soares emphatically stated. “Hominick fought a hell of a fight and showed the type of heart that he has. I was a Mark Hominick fan before the fight, but now it makes me even more of a fan to see the type of heart that he has.

“That could have happened whether [Aldo] was 100 percent or not.”

Aldo left the UFC’s “Super 7” presentation early last Friday. At the time, UFC color commentator Joe Rogan said he needed to prepare for the official weigh-ins. However, it was revealed during Aldo’s fight that he was feeling lightheaded and needed to exit the stage.

After leaving the Rogers Centre in Toronto, Canada with his 145-pound hardware in tow, Aldo stated he would like to fight in front of his fellow Brazilians in the Octagon’s Rio card.

The champ was issued a 45-day medical suspension for lacerations on his face, but is rumored to defend his strap against Chad Mendes at UFC 133 on August 6th. We’ll see if the rumor mill holds true with Monday’s ban taken into consideration.

“UFC: Rio” takes place August 27th.

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