Jon Jones Explains Why Rashad Evans Calls Him a “Swagger Jacker”

Written by Tom Ngo
May 8th, 2011

UFC Light Heavyweight Jon Jones

For those that aren’t privy to what a “swagger jacker” is, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones recently shed some light on what the diss means. The reason “Bones” needed to serve as translator was because former friend-turned-foe Rashad Evans accused Jones of copying his style.

“Swagger is what makes you sexy, it’s what makes you, you,” Jones said. “So we have this stylist whenever there’s really big events going on and they want us to look good, look our best. I think I was sent to the same exact stylist [as Rashad] and I ended up wearing the same shirt, the same suit and the same tie that Rashad wore like a year earlier.

“So I show up at Jay Leno with this suit on and he sees the suit and he’s like ‘Oh you’re copying my style’. It was totally not intentional, but a little embarrassing.”

Last month, Jones was forced out of his impending scrap with Evans in order to have his right hand surgically repaired. His time on the shelf will provide ample opportunity to ponder where his relationship with Rashad went wrong.

“I think this whole Rashad Evans situation is really weird because the night before my [Ryan] Bader fight, he came to my dinner and told me I was getting the shot against [then-champ Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua] and he gave me his blessing,” Jones explained. “Now suddenly I’m the guy who betrayed him and all this type of stuff.

“I really don’t know how that happened.”

It’s believed what set Evans off was when Jones told reporter Ariel Helwani on camera that he would fight his one-time mentor if UFC president Dana White made them. Jones claims his comment was taken out of context, as fans conveniently pressed the mute button just seconds before he told Helwani he absolutely did not want to fight Rashad.

Regardless, he believes teammate vs. teammate is a trend that will continue as the sport evolves.

“It’s definitely going to be huge for the sport, teammates fighting each other,” Jones stated. “You know Rashad, we were friends and hopefully we can be friends after the fight. It’s just business.

“Like if the Patriots had a friend on the Jets, it’s not like they can’t play each other in the Super Bowl. You’ve just got to get the job done.”

The Pats and Jets both play in the AFC East, so them making it to the big dance against each other is impossible. You should know that, Jonny, your brother plays for the Ravens.

However, your point was made, nonetheless.

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